This Fitness Trend Has You Crawl Like An Infant For Stronger Muscles

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If you see a pack of adults crawling around like infants, a stronger core could be the reason why. Original Strength, a fitness company based in North Carolina with pop-up workshops around the country, is encouraging their clients to return to the most fundamental human movements ― like crawling ― as a mode of strength training. The classes, which started in 2012 and gained some traction on social media recently, have exercisers rock, roll, squat and crawl as a way to build more solid muscle mass. Having a strong core isn’t all about vanity and it goes way beyond the six-pack. Your core actually includes any muscle that is going to give you a nice, stable base, according to Kara Radzak, an associate professor with the Kinesiology and Nutrition Sciences department at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. This includes your trunk, pelvis or any muscle that a corset would cover from front to back.  Building strength in your center is an excellent goal to work toward because it improves posture, decreases back pain and helps you move more easily. This can make everyday movements ― from getting off the couch to popping out of bed ― a lot easier, Radzak told The Huffington Post.  But can crawling truly make a difference? It’s unknown, Radzak says, but it’s possible. It could be beneficial to move about in ways beyond what is conventional.  “We learn movement patterns and basically, if you don’t use it, you lose it ― whether that’s muscle, bone or neuro-patterns,” Radzak explained. There are other simple ways to get in a core workout just by using your own body weight. Radzak recommends starting on all fours, extending your arm out and then bringing it back down without shifting your weight around. Then try repeating the move on the other side. Eventually, you can progress toward extending one arm out while extending the opposite leg out, which works on stability and core strength.  You can also carry groceries and practice planks to build a stronger core. If you’re looking for more core-strengthening options, try one of these pilates moves. But hey, if crawling while engaging your muscles is your style ― who are we to say no to exercise?

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