How Long Does It Really Take To Burn Off Junk Food?

To burn off the calories from a can of Coca-Cola, men need to do 12 minutes of cardio while women need 14 minutes.
© Pixabay.comTo burn off the calories from a can of Coca-Cola, men need to do 12 minutes of cardio while women need 14 minutes.
Burning off calories by exercising is an important aspect of maintaining your health. However, how much exercise do you need to get rid of the calories from just the junk food you consume? We don’t like to think about how junk food affects our health; we know it's bad for us, but we often look the other way for the sake of comforting calories and satisfying sweets. Exercise can help us to eliminate those extra calories — we just need to work out for the right amount of time.  That time will depend based on the nature of your indulgence. According to guidelines from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, women aged 19 to 30 should consume 1,900 to 2,400 calories per day while men of the same age should consume 2,400 to 3,000 calories, relative to how active they are. If your preferred junk food isn't listed below, you can determine how much exercise you need to burn off the calories using this calculator:
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Soft Drinks A 330 ml can of Coca-Cola has 139 calories. This small portion of our daily caloric intake does not take much exercise to eliminate. Men require 12 minutes of cardio or 16 minutes of weightlifting while women need 14 minutes of cardio or 19 minutes of weightlifting to burn off the calories from a can of Coke, according to the Daily Mail. The more calories junk food has, the more noticeable the difference between the time men and women must spend exercising to eliminate those calories.
70 Most Popular Sodas Ranked by How Toxic They Are: You don't need to live in Philadelphia to pay the price of drinking soda.Philadelphia is the first major U.S. city to pass a tax on soda—1.5 cents per ounce, which is about $1 more for a 2-liter—and it's set to take effect on January 1, 2017. The beverage industry is already fighting the ambitious move, but we're hoping the law sticks. The truth is that you don't need to live in Philadelphia to pay the price of drinking soda. Although we call them “beer bellies,” new science says we ought to call our bloated midsections what they really are: soda bellies. In a study of about 1,000 adults over the course of six years, people who drank soda or other sugar-sweetened beverages gained an extra 1.8 pounds of visceral fat—the fat that sits inside your gut, damaging your internal organs and pushing your belly out into a King of the Hill–style slouch. To put that in perspective, 1.8 pounds is about how much a fetus weighs at 24 weeks. This means you can go from your lean, slim self to looking like you’re in your second trimester just by drinking a daily soda, sweetened iced tea, or fruit punch. (Talk about a punch to the gut!) But instead of carrying a bundle of joy, you're carrying a bundle of toxic fat; Visceral fat has been shown to increase your risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes, among other ills. Why is soda so good at making us look bad? It’s the sugar. The USDA issued new guidelines in early 2016, recommending no more than 180 sugar calories per day for women (and 200 for men). This is the equivalent of approximately 45 grams of sugar—an amount that many sodas and other sweetened beverages exceed in just one can. And if it’s not sugar, then it’s artificial sweetener, which is 180 times sweeter than sugar and just as damaging to your waistline.Here, we’ve ranked the 70 most popular sodas: Category 1 has 32 regular (non-diet) sodas, and Category 2 has 38 diet sodas. Click through to see where your favorites fall—and then find out what else is on the list of 50 Little Things Making You Fatter and Fatter.SPONSORED: Exclusive offer for MSN readers! THE RAPID FLAT BELLY PLAN: You’ll get the Flat Belly Success Journal, quick and delicious 350-calorie recipes, the 100 healthiest supermarket swaps, and calorie-saving restaurant swaps and more to help you banish your belly fat faster than you ever thought possible. Click here to start losing weight today!
70 Most Popular Sodas Ranked by How Toxic They Are
Fried Chicken
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Three KFC chicken pieces have 726 calories, which makes up over a third of women’s recommended daily caloric intake. Women can get rid of these calories by doing an hour and 15 minutes of cardio or one hour and 41 minutes of weightlifting. Comparatively, men can achieve the same effect by doing an hour and three minutes of cardio or an hour and 24 minutes of weightlifting, according to Daily Mail.
Big Mac
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McDonald’s Big Mac contains 490 calories, containing 19.6 percent of a male’s daily caloric intake and 24.5 percent of a woman’s. It would take 42 minutes of cardio for men and 51 minutes for women to burn off the calories in a Big Mac. If you prefer weightlifting over cardio, men can eliminate the calories from a Big Mac in 57 minutes while woman can achieve this in 68 minutes, according to Daily Mail. Domino’s BBQ Meatlovers Small Pizza Despite being a small pizza, this creation from Dominos contains 966 calories. The pizza contains nearly half of women’s recommended daily intake and 40 percent of men’s. You can get rid of these calories by running for an hour and 20 minutes, swimming for an hour and 50 minutes, yoga for two hours and 50 minutes, or walking for three hours and 40 minutes, reported the Huffington Post.
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A Tesco chocolate fudge cake weighs 450 grams and carries 1,710 calories. This is just short of a woman’s recommended daily caloric intake and over two-thirds of men’s. Expectedly, the time spent exercising to burn off the calories from this cake may make you never want to eat cake again. Men need two hours and nine minutes of cardio or three hours and 19 minutes of weightlifting to get rid of the cake’s calories. To compare, women must exercise noticeably longer than men; they have to do cardio for two hours and 58 minutes or weightlift three hours and 57 minutes, according to the Daily Mail.

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